Newspaper article titled Almost A Panic on Sunday Train

Almost A Panic on Sunday Train

ALMOST A PANIC ONSUUli Bursting of Steam Pipe Mis-taken for. a Dynamite Explosion ACCIDENT ON PULLMAN CAR Follows Rumor of a Plot to Kill Billy's Trip One of Triumph. CSDecial to h TToraM 1 GALESBURG. ILL, Mar. 20. A pan-was narma-lw amnnA. . v. ic - J "'UU8 UJQ . train crew and some members of th . ciiiy ounaay party about three miles out of Chicago at noon today when a steam Dine on th Pullman i.. special Burlington train carrying the i""y uuioi a nuise mat was heard distinctly all nvpr tha -a t a a . - - - - -" ........ A. . 0. Crawford, division passenger agent of " the Burlington, who lives in Galesburg and who had charge of the train, met Mr. Sunday in Chicago this morning and told him that there was talk of a piot in uaie9burg to dynamite his sleeper before it left Galesburg. For a few seeonrin Aftai-- th. .-..I..r-i . v, . . ., vAnuaiuil luo opinion was prevalent on the train inn an enuri naa Deen made to dvna-mite the car. The nartv - was rsiif.viv mr, c-.. bv the Hnr)im.trtn nflnl. I .l,n . 1 - noise was only the- explosion of a ' steam pipe. There was no effort to molest Mr. Sunday in any way today. : There Was no ilfimnnctratinn f kind except a joyous welcome in every city and village through which he passed. It was one triumnhal trlD. Speaks to 3,000 At Kewanee. . ' Mr. SlindaV StinllS in tko'o.nnn, - ... ... ... V. OJ tl Kewanee ar 3 nVinMr ihi. . an audience of 3,000 men and women. ne as met at the depot with a thirty piece band "and nnn thmmnrf nunta He was then escorted to the armory - lie icave ms I'nn'n ' taiir n ,nn densed form.- Following the lecture the nartv hurrtfri to tha .nut.i .t and proceeded to this city where the eciure was repeated this evening in full. At both Kewanee anil rioc- K. . . ir e, , . .... . . ,UU..,,J ui lilQ . ... - - . uj iiouuiC U1S Uill . i-ume on. you dirty whelps." he " cried, "I warn, you right now that be- '' iu uuck up against Billy Sunday, you hal better take out an insur- -ance policy and filt-yourselvesr -to the Lccm, ii Uy me- internal God I trwr-protect myself to the last ditch I'll shoot your dirty carcass so full : of holes that vnii will lnb- lib ated chair hnttnm -The Sunday nartv- loft- y,a. "- at 7 o clock this morning, reaching Chicago nt 10 nvifu-i, i . ,rt . , - - "iiu ico-vnig mere at 10:30 o clock on the special on the "u'""6'un- -t -nicago it was Joined by Mrs. Fred Fischer. The party will leave here at 6 o'clock Saturday morning for Mattoon. passing through Decatur at 10 o'clock on the Illinois Cen- Warm Welcome in Galesburg. - Not pven in rtunatn. . n , uui mr. bun- day s welcome more enthusiastic or spontaneous than In Galesburg tonight. Ine Central church was crowded with men and women. Pres. McClelland of Knox college met Mr. Sunday at the ".in onu escorted tne party to the tnion nntei at,- cn.i... ,r,, ... - - ------ ""utt-jf iiKeiy win not preach In Charleston until Satur-? et-J,JJ1 Kewanee he presented Muuurj wun a tu bill to give to the poor of the city. special guard was employed by the ministral association of Galesburo- to nroteet t- , . . in the Burlington yards and at the wnion noiei ana lrom the hotel to the Central church where the lecture wa given. Mr. Sunday was- closely followed by a plainclothes man. Precau tions were taKen to safeguard his person but no demonstration of any kind "Wan made against him. Pledger Arrested. Rev. C. P. Plede-et- numK.. - r tli L lia ..v cumpany and business manager of the evangelist, was placed . wind micsi nere xonight by Detective Field of the secret sprvii.. nt,- tective had been detailed to guard Mr Sunday's private car In the Burlington ..UJ lu, iCar ol anempt to injure the evangelist bv some nt h . 12 o'clock Mr. Pledger went out to see V ii me oincer was-doing his duty, as he stepped around the corner, he felt the barrel of a revolveri tiin,.f -..t his forehead and heard the command to halt. The officer mistook him for a dynamiter and It required the combin--ed arguments of Mr. Sunday and other menioers or tne party to secure his release.