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Good Work in Rockford


Presiding Elder Tarngey Declares Conversions Would be Doubled In Another Week

Rev. "Billy" Sunday closed the series of meetings at Rockford Tuesday evening. The audience was the largest of any called out during the period of his work in that city, numbering over five thousand people. Fifty services have been conducted and 925 converts made.

Rev. Sunday begins the meetings at Harvey next Sunday. He left Rockford for Chicago this morning.

The Star has the following to say regarding Rev. Sunday's opinion of the Rockford public and also that of some of the ministers:

"ln speaking lot his sojourn here Mr. Sunday stated last night that he had run against the finest crowd of personal workers that he had ever seen, and the people were as fine as he had ever run across. Everybody seemed to take such an interest in him and in his work that he felt sorry to leave the city. He knew that he had done a great deal of good here and hoped that it would continue until Rockford should become known all over the land as a clean and pure city. The people here were hard to become enlivened in the good work, but after they got started it was clear sailing, and this he attributed in part to that excellent work of the local ministers. As a parting farewell he said that wherever he went he would have cause to remember the people of this city would and pray for them often.

"The local pastors who have been associated in the revival express themselves as well pleased with the results. The Rev. Samuel Earngey, presiding elder of this district, said last night: 'Mr. Sunday has done well. He has secured nearly a thousand conversions in addition to what good that has been done that we do not know of. Could he stay another week this would be doubled. We are fully satisfied that the expectations of the meetings have been fulfilled.'

"The Rev. John Henry Boose of the Westminister Presbyterian church, one or the active workers and head of the main committee, said: 'The ministers are well satisfied. The numbers of conversions does not tell the whole story. The various churches will feel the up-lift and will gain greatly by the meetings.' "