Fifty Murderers at Liberty to One in Prison.

Mr Moody Continues His Talk on the Ten Commandments

“Adultery Coming in Upon Us Like a Flood.”

“Seduction a Sin Darker and Deeper Than Murder.”

“We’ve Got to Speak Aloud, and Spare Not.”

Mr Moody had a large audience yesterday afternoon. He continued his talk on the Ten Commandments, beginning with the sixth, “Thou shalt not kill.” He said: “Hate is a murderer, not love. I used to think that in the congregations I had to preach to it would be out of place to talk about murderers. But I’ve got over the idea that no murderers come to hear me preach.

“I tell you, if you get angry with a man and wish him dead, that’s murder. I believe you’ve got 50 murderers walking the streets of Boston where you’ve got one in prison.

“How many sons in Boston are murdering their parents, by living in sin, and breaking their hearts? How many husbands are murdering their wives by impure living and by going off into all kinds of sin and vice.

“I haven’t got to put a bullet through man’s heart to kill him. You commit a murder when you hate. There’s many a Cain walking the streets of Boston. He may drink to forget his sins, but God will lay hold of him.”

Mr Moody then opened fire on the seventh commandment, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” He said: “Lust, not love commits adultery. I tell you adultery is coming in upon us like a flood. We’ve got to speak aloud and spare not.

“I were to steal, they’d put me behind the bars; if I were to push some one under the cars and kill them, they’d hang me. But a young man may make at fair promises of marriage to a young woman and seduce and ruin her, and he isn’t punished.

“Now I believe such a sin is darker and deeper than murder. How many seem to make light of this sin, yet think of the untold woe and wretchedness it brings into our lives.

“It’s a most infernal thing, the way a woman is treated. after she’s been ruined by a man. She’s ostracized, cast out and dragged down by the demons of hell, while the man walks down the broad aisles of your churches and is bowed down to and respected as an honorable member of society.

“Do you think the adulterer is going clear, do you think his sin will not meet him in judgment?

“Now you Christians pray that the reporters may put something into the papers to touch the hearts and consciences of some of these adulterers and adulteresses. These dark deeds cannot escape the eye of God.

“We’re going to be brought to judgment, and I pity the man down deep in my heart, who has ruined a woman. And I pity any woman who has tried to lead away another woman’s husband in and bring ruin and disgrace on his family.”

In speaking on the eighth commandment, “Thou shalt not steal,” Mr Moody said: “The thief who doesn’t repent will not inherit the kingdom of God. He must make restitution.

“A great many men get into the church who don’t make any progress, and it’s because there’s something in their lives they didn’t straighten out. If you’ve stolen go right away and make restitution.”

Here Mr Moody told of a man who returned $10 to a cashier who had paid him that amount too much, and his friends called him a fool for doing it.

“That man wrote to me,” said Mr Moody. “and asked me for my opinion, fancy that. He didn’t know that he had done right in being honest.

“I’d like to know what kind of consciences you’ve got in Boston, anyhow? When the church of God sets its face to do the right the world will feel its power and have confidence in its teachings. It’s the mean, petty, tricks we are doing that are the stumbling blocks. We want more uprightness, that’s the kind of Christianity that will move the world.

“How far is it to heaven? Just one step, out of self into Christ. And there’s of great reward in keeping God’s law.

“Now is there anything in your lives that needs straightening out? Your sin will follow you to the judgment. When God says a thing he means it, and you’ve got to square your life to his law.

“Love will not steal or lie. The tongue of slander has a bitter sting. Love’s eye is not covetous. Now let’s own up and get square with God.”

Explains His Position.

Mr Moody Tells Why He is Opposed to Publication of the Sunday Newspaper.

The following communication from Rev D. L. Moody explains his position in regard to the Sunday newspaper:

To the Editor of The Globe:

Whenever I say a word against the of Sunday newspapers I’m met with the old saw that it’s the Monday papers I ought to attack, because so much of the work in getting it out has to be done on Sunday. But I say again that if the proprietors at the Sunday papers worked as hard to keep the Sabbath as they do to break it, a great deal of that work might be done on Saturday. Isn’t it true that the Sunday paper is made up largely in advance? Isn’t a large part of it in type sometimes 48 hours in advance? Why can’t the same forethought be applied to the Monday edition?

“Why,” it is said, “the Monday paper is the sermon paper! And what would the people do if they couldn’t read the Monday reports of the Sunday sermons?” Well, the ministers will settle that question for you right off. To save the Sabbath they’ll work a little harder and write out their reports and give them to you on Saturday. Talmage’s sermons are given out to the press 10 days in advance, because they have to be mailed away out to the Pacific coast, and when the object for which it is done is known, very few ministers will decline to give theirs one day in advance.

But it isn’t the Sunday newspapers that I am talking against so much as it is the professing Christians who patronize them. About three-quarters of a million of such sheets go out of the newspaper offices of this city every Sabbath day. That means four or five millions of people who are reading them, without speaking of the thousands who must be employed about them in other ways. How many of these people represent Christian homes? How many of them are young men whose convictions in regard to the Christian religion are unformed? What proportion of these readers are thus seduced from attending the house of God on that day? And how many of them who do attend are thus made unfit to receive any deep religious impression? It’s all folly to talk about these papers containing some reading matter that is good. Nobody laughs at that farce, I suppose, more than the proprietors and managers of the papers themselves. They know why that “good” matter is put in and are careful enough, I guess, that there isn’t too touch of it. People, as a rule, don’t buy the Sunday paper for the good and healthy religious reading they find in it. If that was what they wanted they’d stop buying the paper right away.

I maintain that the Sunday newspaper is breaking down the Christian Sabbath, it’s breaking down the church, and if you destroy the Sabbath and the church, you destroy the family by and by, and when that’s gone the state is gone and everything is gone. I’m glad there’s a strong movement on foot in this commonwealth to protect the Sabbath, to protect it as a day of rest and worship for the working man, and I’m glad that the strong laymen and statesmen are taking hold of the matter, as well as Christian ministers. But now there’s one thing more that can be done, and it will be a long step in the right direction. Christian merchants can decline to advertise in the Sunday papers. When they combine to do that the greatest part of the revenue of the Sunday paper will be cut off, and it will not be run long on principles of benevolence—just for the public good. And if Christian merchants have not Christianity enough to do that my last appeal is to the Christian women of the community. Let them boycott the bargain counters on Monday that are advertised on Sunday. That’ll do the business. If we all do our duty we’ll soon get the Sunday newspaper on the run, and that will mean the greatest victory for righteousness we’ve seen in this nation in a long while.

D. L. Moody