Newspaper article titled Religious Pioneering

Religious Pioneering

The Christian Advocate refers to the Methodist Preachers who, some months ago started on a preaching tour to the Pacific coast, carrying with them their own tent in which to hold services; it compares it to the cavalry raids during the war and thus alludes to its work:

About the time our paper is in the hands of its readers this moveable tabernacle, rendered glorious by the spiritual victories that have been won within it, will be pitched within sight of the Mormon tabernacle. The services held in it will add another to the gathering forces and influences that are without doubt now rapidly undermining this monstrous social anachronism in the heart of our Republic. There may be some probability in the rumor that Brigham Young is contemplating another hegira with such of his disciples as may follow him, into some corner of the world where he may escape the railroad car and the advancement of a purer civilization. The steam engine, the free press, the administration of the law of the land, the ingress of a "Gentile" population, the preaching of the Gospel, and now a Methodist camp-meeting, will be too powerful, it is to be hoped, for the oriental barbarism and unchastity of this strange community. It must give way before these irresistible forces.