The London Revival Movement.

Thursday night there was a very great increase in the numbers attending the revival meeting at Camberwell Hall, and the same success which has resulted from the efforts of the revivalists in the other districts seem to be attending them here. The Hall was crowded in every part, and many were unable to gain admission. Mr Moody preached from the word “We have all sinned,” and Mr Sankey sang several of his best solos. The congregation evidently came from all parts of London, for there was a long line of carriages, wagonettes, and every species of vehicle. The London, Chatham, and Dover Railway, too, brought thousands, and numbers were unable to gain admission. As Camberwell Hall is situated just on the borders of London, and as there are country lanes and open spaces round, there were numerous outdoor addresses. In the full scope given to free speech an ample opportunity was given to hear the various public opinions on the revivalists' labours. Both infidels and sceptics were present in strong force, but it was astonishing to see how they were overwhelmed in numbers, and also to what extent a religious conviction, however crude, had got hold of the minds of the people in some way or other. The young men's meeting, presided over by Mr Drummond of Stirling, was held in the school room over an adjoining Presbyterian Church. There were about 300 present. The majority evidently listened with great attention, but there was a marked difference between this and the meetings held in the other districts; there was a number of fast young men present, who kept up a running jeer and ironical ejaculations. Everything showed the labourers were working on new and difficult ground. A large number of young men from the other districts of London, Glasgow and other places, however, gave their experience of the peace of mind they had felt since they had been imbued with religious feelings, and at various intervals the greater number of those who had evidently come to make themselves conspicuous by trying to create a laugh, left the room failing to do so.