Newspaper article titled Good News Clubs Here Entertain 1000 Youths. An image shows a group of girls in frilly dresses sitting in a classroom and doing hand motions while another girl leads them.

Good News Clubs Here Entertain 1000 Youths

By JANE EVINGER Daily News Staff Writer

The Biblical prophecy. "A little child shall lead them," has added meaning in Dayton these days.

Learning about Christ through weekly "Good News" club meetings, two youngsters were responsible for their entire families joining a local church one recent Sunday morning.

Part of an international, interdenominational child evangelism program, the clubs reach 1000 children here between ages six and 12. Volunteer teachers and hostesses for the meetings number more than 100.

"We work with the churches and try to reach children who don't go to church. They soon become interested, begin attending Sunday school, and often lead their parents to church," explains Emma Mackey, chairman for the Montgomery county area.

Begun locally seven years ago, the clubs are now supported by more than 40 churches representing 10 denominations.

Meetings are held after school in living rooms and basements throughout the city. Illustrating Bible stories with flannel graphs, the volunteer teachers quickly catch and hold the interest of young club members.

Another favorite activity is singing, with special enthusiasm showing on action songs that give the energetic youngsters a chance for exercise.

"I may never march with the infantry, shoot the artillery, ride with the cavalry. I may never fly over Germany, but I'm in the Lord's ar-mee!" they sang lustily.

Socializing along worth their religious education, the young scholars enjoy holiday parties and closing picnics.

High point of the year was a recent rally at the Christian Activities center, when more than 700 members from all over the city turned out for a day-long program.

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